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It is well known that to keep a business going, incentives are an essential and important tool for improving the team spirit, so that they can keep customers happy. There are various possibilities for every type of company and ITM is there to find the perfect fit for your company. To organize an incentive that meets everyone's needs, it is essential to know the client's tastes and expectations, along with the available budget.


It is important to focus on company objectives, therefore the incentive or team building activity can have different themes and formulas.


Request now your tailor-made offer.



Your company knows how to party? We do too! 

Need to discuss some serious stuff too. No worries, we got your back!

With our 30 year experience, we are the perfect event creator for indivuals or business.



It is important for us that you feel at home in any country. Therefore, we have a very selective network of hotel partners all over the world. For every taste and every demand.

Below you will find some examples of our hotel partners all over the world.



We have established a strong relationship with the best venues in Belgium, Netherlands and Luxemburg. 



Gastronomy is a very important aspect in our culture and we definitely want to offer the best quality food (tested an approved by our own team!). Again, due to our network and expertise, we can offer you the best match for food, no matter what your request is.


We can get you from point A to B, with out any worry. The only thing you will need to firgure out is... to nap or to work. We'll manage the rest.




Wherever you go, there is always sometehing interesting to see and we will make your trip unforgottable with exclusive cultural visits and experiences.

Learn more about the culture, gastronomy, art and history of the city or country you are visiting with I.T.M.'s tailor-made travel packages.


You name it, we know it.

From India to Romania and from Spain to Brazil, we traveled around the world to find the best partners in all the different travel fields. We live in Belgium, but that doesn't mean we are only restricted to that area.

Our expertise and network makes it easy to discover other parts of the world.

We can not wait to work with you!

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